Mint unique HooliGoon NFT’s that correspond to each of the 32 countries participating in the 2022 World Cup.  


Watch the World Cup and drink hella beer


Win Crypto!  75% of all Revenues are placed into the prize pools awarded to the top 3 finishers in the 2022 World Cup!  

THE prizes


75% of all revenues* from all NFT minting on each chain will be distributed to the holders of the HooliGoons that correspond to the top 3 finishers in the world cup.  Each chain has its own prize pool.  Of that 75% the distribution is as follows 

Champion – 80%
Second Place – 15%
Third Place –   5%


[Updated every 24 Hours]

$ 302

Mints Remaining 99%

$ 62

Mints Remaining 99%




We took the odds on favorite and flipped it for difficulty to mint that countries HooliGoons



Team Winning OddsOddsOur Adjusted OddsMinting Odds
Brazil +50016.67%15%1%
Costa Rica +1000000.1% 1%15%

Brazil is the overwhelming favorite to win so you have a small chance to mint one but if Brazil wins the 1st place finisher prize will be distributed to very few people.  Costa Rica has almost no shot so its easy to mint and if by some chance they do win the prize pool will be distributed to that group.  Click here for more info on odds and prizes

Meet The Team









You’re in crypto so we dumbed it down and made the White Paper our FAQ

A goon is an NFT character who’s value is derived from real world events!  In this case these Goons are called HOOLIGOONS because its Futbol, unless you’re a smelly American, I guess its soccer.

Once you mint an NFT Hooligoon, which you can and should mint as many as possible, it will correspond with a country that is competing in the world cup.  If that country wins or finishes in the Top 3 then you win a chunk of the prize pool!  

75% of the funds generated* in the game go to prizes.  It will be distributed to the holders of the NFTs that correspond to the top 3 finishers in the World Cup.  Basically, mint a Brazil or keep minting until you do or you probably wont win s*it.

No sh*t sherlock.  They’re not.  You want to mint as many as possible.  Why?  It builds the prize pool and you’ll have more chances to win. 

That’s right! Most are all just worthless JPEGs with nearly zero utility adding no value to anything, especially your portfolio.  And they never will.  You wont be sitting around with a HooliGoon waiting for it to go up in value, you either minted a winner or a loser.

YEP!  We are a game on multichains. 




Each chain has its own prize pool.  We would like to see a giant nasty feud on Twitter between all the chains as you fight for minting supremacy. 




We are not able to launch on the Klever NFT launch pad due to excessive drunk  tweeting by one of our founders, and Mike shall remain nameless in this matter for eternity.

We are launching on Klever in ghetto fashion.  We will premint in batches of 1000 and not reveal the metadata until we sell out each batch.   So the Klever crowd is lucky, because they get 2 games, because their NFT is basically a scratch ticket.  You wont know s**t until 1000 are sold or the game ends.  Pay attention to Klever Kid on Twitter for Game of Goons on Klever Chain

Minting starts November 11th continues through sell out or the end of The World Cup.

Brazil is the overwhelming favorite so now you have a very good chance of winning so SHILL TF out of Game of Goons and build up the prize pool. Or sell that sh*t on the open market at a huge gain!

You have 2 options.  Quit crypto for good because the USA isnt winning and you’re most likely not getting prize money.  Or you get our there like a f**king man and mint until you get a decent country.

YEP!  If you’re the lucky M-Fer who minted a Brazil you can list that sh*t for half the projected prize pool!  Not only that but NFT investors clearly use zero logic ,See Justin Sun.  Some loser out there may want to own one of each country.  Who TF knows?  Maybe Game Of Goons was designed for more than just World Cup?

This is really none of your business and you don’t get a pie chart, but here it is anyways

75%* of all revenues go to the prize pools.  Top 3 finishers get a nice chunk!

10%* goes to the team.  We’re here to live the dream

7%* to the marketing, probably shillers on Twitter TBH

3%* for further development

What’s up with all the * after the percentages?  Well, the nft platforms like to take a cut.  So numbers for prizes are post platform fee!

The original plan for Vibragoons was disrupted.  As Alex and Mike developed the plan for the repurposed brand, Alex was adamant about trying his best to restore value to the first time minters of VibraGoons and Mike couldn’t have agreed more!


5% of all chains in this series will be converted to  TRX and airdropped to the original VibraGoon minters.


If this project has some success it is our plan to keep those OG Goon holders as part of our long term plans.  

The week after the 2022 World Cup ends!  

We take partnerships seriously and have gone to great lengths to align oursleves with respectable crypto companies and community members.  Partnerships may or may not include:

Terra Luna – Bitconnect – Mt Gox –  QuadrigaEX – BitBoi – Justin Son – FTX

Look above.  Alex Mike and Adolfo – Can’t kill someone that’s ready to die, and you cant doxx the doxxed

Because World Cup 2022 and crypto are badass!