Game of Goons


How are the odds calculated?  We took the odds on favorite for each country to win the World Cup and flipped them.  Brazil is the favorite to win so the Brazil NFT is the most difficult to mint.  See the chart below for the chances of minting your favorite country.  The total payout depends on how many NFTs were minted on each chain.  Every time a Goon is minted it increases the prize pool on that chain.  Each chain has its own separate prize pool.

Team Winning Odds Odds Our Adjusted Odds  Minting odds
Brazil +500 16.67% 15% 1%
France +600 14.29% 13% 3%
England +650 13.30% 12% 5%
Spain +800 11.10% 10% 7%
Germany +1000 9.09% 9% 8%
Argentina +1000 9.00% 9% 8%
Belgium +1200 7.69% 8% 9%
Netherlands +1300 7.14% 8% 9%
Portugal +1400 6.67% 7% 10%
Denmark +2500 3.85% 5% 12%
Croatia +5000 1.96% 3% 13.0%
Uruguay +5000 1.96%    
Switzerland +8000 1.23%    
Senegal +8000 1.23%    
Mexico +12500 0.79%    
USA +12500 0.79%    
Poland +12500 0.79% 1% 15.00%
Canada +12500 0.79%    
Serbia +15000 0.66%    
Wales +20000 0.50%    
Cameroon +20000 0.50%    
Ecuador +20000 0.50%    
Tunisia +20000 0.50%    
Qatar +25000 0.40%    
Ghana +25000 0.40%    
Japan +25000 0.40%    
South Korea +25000 0.40%    
Morocco +30000 0.30%    
Australia +50000 0.20%    
Iran +50000 0.20%    
Saudi Arabia +50000 0.20%    
Costa Rica +100000 0.10%    



You’re in crypto so we dumbed it down and made it our FAQ

A goon is an NFT character who’s value is derived from real world events!  In this case these Goons are called HOOLIGONS because its Futbol, unless youre a smelly American, i guess its soccer.

Once you mint an NFT Hooligoon, which you can and should mint as many as possible, it will corrispond with a country that is competeing in the world cup.  If that country wins or finishes in the Top 3 then you win a chunk of the prize pool!  Click here for odds

 80% of the funds generated in the game go to prizes.  75% will be distributed to the holders of the NFTs that correspond to the top 3 finishers in the World Cup. Each chain will have its own prize pools.  5% from each chain will be put in one pool for the Chainbang. 

No sh*t sherlock.  They’re not.  You want to mint as many as possible.  Why?  It builds the prize pool and you’ll have more chances to win.  

Brazil is the overwhelming favorite so now you have a very good chance of winning so SHILL TF out of the HooliGoons for your chain on Twitter and build up the prize pool.  Or sell that sh*t on the open market at a huge gain!

You have 2 options.  Quit crypto for good because the USA isnt winning and you’re most likey not getting prize money.  Or you get our there like a f**king man and mint until you get a decent country like Brazil!

  YEP!  If youre the lucky M-Fer who minted a Brazil you can list that for half the projected prize pool!  Not only that NFT investors clearly use zero logic  when buying these things.  See the previously mentioned Justin Sun. (WTF) For some reason someone may want to collect every country to get the entire set.  Who knows, maybe Game Of Goons was designed for more than just World Cup.

This is really none of your business and you don’t need a pie chart but here it is.

80% of all revenues go to the prize pools.  75% to the Top 3 on each Chain and 5% to the Chainbang

10% goes to the team

7% to the marketing, probably shillers on Twitter TBH

3% for further development

Within a week and a half of the 2022 World Cup ending!  

Noneya fr fr

Alex Mike and Adolfo – Can’t kill someone that’s ready to die.  And you cant doxx the doxxed

Because World Cup 2022, that’s why!